Where do DISH's University hires come from?

In 2015-2016, we hired university recruits (full-time staff and interns) from 27 different states. Don't see your state represented? Apply now and you could get your state on our map!

Application Process

The application process for students we won't have a chance to meet on campus differs slightly from our typical recruiting process. In order for us to get to know you better, we will ask you to record a brief response to our video interview questions as part of your application. Qualified candidates will also receive a phone call from a member of our University Relations team before being considered for a Skype interview. The complete hiring process is depicted below.


Apply Online

Complete your application by January 8th. This includes recording a response to our video interview questions.


Phone Interview

Qualified candidates will receive a phone all from one of our University Relations Recruiters.


Virtual Information Session

Sign up and tune in for one of our virtual information sessions. This is your chance to interact directly with our team and learn firsthand what it means to work at DISH!


Skype Interview


Online Candidate Questionnaire


Video Cover Letter

Record and submit responses to our video interview questions.



(Full-time opportunities only)

We invite qualified candidates to Denver for three days of mutual exploration with executive interviews, further questionnaires and some fun.


Offer Selection

Offers will be extended in a timely manner.

See if we're visiting your school this semester!

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