Diversity & Inclusion

At DISH, we’re really proud of our team of diverse ages, ethnicities, and interests. COLLECTIVE is a platform for team members to join together, share common interests, and make important connections, both in and out of work.

African-American Network

Our mission is to foster the retention, engagement, and promotion of African-American employees at DISH. We’re committed to increasing cultural awareness, creating a forum to discuss relevant topics, providing outreach for community involvement, and facilitating professional development and training opportunities for our members.

DISH Women’s Network

We provide women at DISH with an environment to foster relationships and professional growth through networking, education, and career development. Includes monthly speaker, networking, and training events. Men are also welcome!

Internal DISH IoT Club

With 2,500 members and counting, the Internal DISH IoT Club is an environment to innovate, educate, and foster collaboration to support DISH wireless efforts. Monthly club meetings are held every third Thursday at noon.

Out at DISH

A community of acceptance and support for LGBTQ+ employees, Out at DISH aims to create a work environment that fosters respect and enables team members to be their authentic selves. We promote a culture of acceptance through educational and networking events highlighting the history, struggles, and opportunities of the LGBTQ+ community.

Veterans Resource Group

A place for former active-duty and current-reserve service members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. We’re centered around professional development, community, and networking to help DISH’s veterans succeed, build on their strengths, and be an asset to the community.

Empowered Parents Network

Our mission is to give working parents a community to meet, share, and learn from the trials and tribulations of being a working parent, and to support each other as we strive toward our personal, business, and life goals.