Compass Leadership Program

The opportunity of a lifetime!

DISH Wireless is building a first-of-its-kind, cloud-native 5G network that will transform the way we live, work and play.

Want to get in on the ground floor of DISH Wireless as we redefine an industry? Are you a team player, excited to chart the unknown, and willing to take on the toughest challenges? We’re looking for individuals eager to work hard and prove themselves.

Our six-month leadership program provides practical experience for today and long-term potential for tomorrow, with full-time opportunities available for those who have what it takes.

Available Positions

A Word from DISH Chairman Charlie Ergen


Building Cloud-Native 5G

A Nationwide Calling

The program starts with a week of intensive training at our headquarters in Littleton, Colorado, and is followed by six months of on-the-job experience at various locations across the country. Those who perform well, and demonstrate our core values of Curiosity, Pride, Adventure and Winning, will be considered for full-time positions at the end of the program.

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Meet Our Team

Compass Leadership Program

  • Compass has two program tracks:
  • RF Engineering - Apply your engineering knowledge to redefine the frontiers of technology.
  • Wireless Business Operations - Collaborate cross-functionally as an integral part of our wireless organization. Positions available in HR, Site Acquisition, Project Management and beyond.
  • Location and Timeline:
  • The program begins at our headquarters in Littleton, Colorado, our Wireless. Headquarters (HQ), with a week of intensive training, followed by six months of on-the-job experience in one of our locations across the country.
  • Your program track will be assigned before traveling to Colorado. Final market placement will be assigned during the training week.
  • Expectations:
  • We run at a fast pace. Compass participants need to be able to work nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Opportunity and Adventure! DISH is building the first cloud-native 5G network in the United States, and you will get to be a part of history.
  • Hands-on training and mentoring in respective markets.
  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in the wireless industry and learn from 5G pioneers.
  • Potential for a full-time offer at the conclusion of the program.
  • We have a selective hiring process, and our team of recruiters evaluates candidates during each step. Our team will be in touch with you throughout the process.
  • STEP 1: Apply
  • Apply for a role in RF Engineering or Wireless Business Operations.
  • STEP 2: Complete Candidate Exercises
  • Submit a video cover letter and complete a series of questionnaires.
  • STEP 3: Virtual Interview: Complete Candidate Exercises
  • A 45-minute interview with an HR recruiter.
  • STEP 4: Reference Checks
  • Submit at least two references.
  • STEP 5: Virtual Panel Interview
  • A one-hour panel interview with Wireless team members.

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