Direct Sales - University Program

Fund your education and build your resume.

DISH is hiring students for our "DISH U and Me" program, who are looking to earn cash and get in on the ground floor of a Fortune 200 company sales team. Earn up to $50 an hour (hourly plus commission)!

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We’ve built a loyal customer base by selling our products and services with authenticity. As part of our inbound, inside sales and customer retention teams, you’ll foster trust with existing and future customers by empowering the DISH product and experience. What do we need from you? Bring a strong work ethic, unwavering commitment and uncompromising integrity – and we’ll put you in a position to earn.

Technical and Work Space Requirements

  • Cable, DSL, or Fiber ISP – satellite and fixed wireless are not supported
  • Stable internet connection with no packet loss
  • Wired ethernet between modem and PC without use of an adapter: Wi-Fi / wireless is not supported
  • Minimum internet speeds: 25 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload
  • DISH prefers that At Home Account Executives do not have bandwidth or data cap on Internet usage (caps lower than 250GB are not recommended).
  • At Home Account Executives are expected to have 99% uptime.
  • Capable of placing and receiving calls and SMS messages
  • Access to video camera
  • Access to either Google Play or Apple Store
  • Dedicated home office workspace, preferably a separate room with its own door
    • Adequate space to set up the workstation
    • Ability to hardwire internet, plug directly into router
    • Three power connections- either three outlets or a power strip (one for each monitor and one for the PC tower)
  • Account Executives are responsible for maintaining the workspace in a safe condition
  • Personal disruptions are not allowed during schedule hours and should not be audible in background noise. This includes but not limited to:
    • Children playing
    • Dogs barking
    • Loud music
    • Non-work-related phone calls
    • Door bells
    • Family members/roommates
  • You are scheduled on the phone throughout the entirety of your shift. It’s important to understand this job does not allow flexibility to answer the door or be on-call care for others during work hours