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Field Deployment

We build the 5G future.

Our Field Deployment team are the planners, constructors, operators and optimizers behind the nation’s first cloud-native, standalone Open Ran 5G network. With grit, tenacity and a never-settle attitude, they’re building the 5G future.   



Join us in one of our 39 markets across the nation!

More than 120 cities across the country are already connected to America’s First Smart Network™. As 5G becomes the lifeblood of a new-world economy, our network will improve quality of life, economic growth, sustainability and connectivity across America. 


Over the next decade, we’ll be strategically positioned to power the smart cities of the future — smart homes, factories, driverless cars and artificial intelligence — plus the millions upon millions of wearables, sensors, devices and robots that will support them. DISH Wireless will unlock new possibilities in healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, mining and more.


Colorful map of United States highlighting cities connected to America’s First Smart Network

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with the top technology companies to deploy America's First Smart Network™. At DISH Wireless, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside them.