Let's reimagine the possibilities of tomorrow at DISH India.

Blending culture, creativity and collaboration.

DISH India is more than a technology company. It’s a collection of ideas, identities and inventions powered by people with purpose and a unique vision for the future. What guides us is our values of Curiosity, Pride, Adventure and Winning.

Opportunity: Made in India. Designed for all.

At DISH India, our Bangalore teams have championed consumer choice in entertainment for nearly two decades, starting with the Slingbox and continually evolving throughout our journey with DISH Network. Together, we’re committed to providing opportunity to our customers across the world and the team members who serve them.

Our team is essential to the success of DISH’s larger mission. From TV to 5G, we provide the technological foundation for DISH’s capabilities. Whether through research and development, technology innovation or solution engineering, DISH India empowers its people to leave their mark on the future.


Supporting our brand family.

DISH is a pay TV company servicing more than nine million customers across North America.

Sling TV is an OTT streaming platform with more than two million customers across the United States.

Boost Mobile is a consumer wireless brand providing prepaid mobile phone services to more than nine million North American customers.

OnTech Smart Services installs, integrates and educates consumers on smart home devices, home networking and entertainment systems from top brands.

Join our team.

We offer you the opportunity to redefine our industry and propel your future forward. Bring your Curiosity, Pride, Adventure and Winning spirit – and we’ll put you in a position to succeed.

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