Full-Time Hiring

Each fall our University Relations team recruits graduating students for full-time positions. After completing an application process, finalist candidates are invited to Denver for Summit.


Graduating students seeking full-time employment attend Summit at the DISH corporate headquarters in Denver for the final round of interviews. Get a feel for life in Denver during this 2-day event and meet with a variety of DISH employees, from senior executives to recent graduates. This event is by invitation only following the completion of our selection process.


Welcome Dinner

Upon arrival, you will attend a formal reception and welcome dinner with several of the DISH executive leaders. This is an opportunity to network and potentially meet one or more of your interviewers!

Product Demonstration

DISH has the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry. During this portion of the visit, you’ll learn all about what makes our technology the best and why we were ranked #1 in the industry by Temkin Group


Recent Hire Q&A

Hear from recent graduates about their experiences at DISH. Be sure to come prepared: You can ask all your burning questions at this session!


A mutual fit is very important at DISH. You will have multiple interviews with up to three departments across the business to determine where your skills and interests best fit.


Explore Denver

Your accommodations are in the heart of downtown. Following the closing event, we encourage you to get out and explore the city. This is meant to be a weekend of mutual exploration, which includes your potential home: The Mile High City.