Diversity & Inclusion

A community of belonging.

Our core purpose at DISH is to shape the future of TV – together. We’re committed to embracing a diverse and inclusive workspace throughout all lines of businesses with a goal to build the best technology the world has seen. No matter your age, race, gender, role, sexual orientation, or culture, you’re given the opportunity to help shape the future of TV on your first day as an employee. It’s all hands on deck at DISH. If you work hard and share our passion for TV, we’re proud to stand behind you.

Dave Scott

A Note from Dave

“We are on a journey. We’re excited to tap into all of the unique backgrounds, experiences and talents that our employees offer. We want people on our team who are ready to bring their whole selves to work. DISH has an incredibly exciting future ahead and we know that this a place for your voice to be heard with opportunity to grow, if you choose to seize it. Join us?”

- Dave Scott
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

Collective logo

Employee Resources Groups

COLLECTIVE is a platform for employees to come together, share common interests, and make important connections, both in an out of work. Throughout the month, our Collectives create space for employees to network, hear from industry leaders with common interests, and attend training sessions about topics they are passionate about.

African American Network

Our mission is to foster the retention, engagement, and promotion of African-American employees at DISH. We’re committed to increasing cultural awareness, creating a forum to discuss relevant topics, providing outreach for community involvement, and facilitating professional development and training opportunities for our members.

DISH Women's Network

Our goal is to empower women to become leaders and create an inclusive work environment. We provide an environment to foster relationships and professional growth through networking, education and mentorship.


Out at DISH

A community of acceptance and support for LGBTQ+ employees, Out at DISH aims to create a work environment that fosters respect and enables team members to be their authentic selves. We promote a culture of acceptance through educational and networking events highlighting the history, struggles, and opportunities of the LGBTQ+ community.

loT Club

With 2,500 members and counting, the DISH IoT Club's mission is to facilitate education, collaboration, and innovation for DISH employees and partners who are interested in the future of wireless.

Veterans Resource Group

A place for former active-duty and current-reserve service members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. We’re centered around professional development, community, and networking to help DISH’s veterans succeed, build on their strengths, and be an asset to the community.


Empowered Parents Network

We are committed to building upon the family-friendly culture at DISH, offering educational opportunities and providing resources for parents and caregivers to build their careers and families in sync with one another.