Investing in You

DISH encourages personal growth and development and provides the tools necessary to advance careers. LEAD and Base Camp training programs help employees realize new talents and opportunities, while our tuition reimbursement encourages personal growth and development.

Base Camp

Our 22-day program for corporate new hires and existing employees so they may experience the customer-facing roles at DISH.

This immersive program gives our new and existing corporate employees a holistic view of DISH. This includes meaningful, hands-on experiences with our customer-facing business groups (Sales, CXO, and IHS), and the roles they play in the customer life cycle. Upon completion, participants are able to make better decisions on behalf of the business and gain a new level of respect for their colleagues and our customers.


LEAD Grow: Stage 1, 2 Our two-session program for individual contributors who may be looking to move into management within 6-12 months. This program prepares individual contributors to lead and manage at DISH. Grow includes two day-and-a-half sessions as well as pre-work, between-stage homework, and post-work.

LEAD Build: Stage 1, 2, 3 Our three-session program for all people managers to help them build their leadership capabilities. This program is a year-long, three-stage experience designed for all DISH managers with direct reports. This competency-based program focuses on building the business, leading teams, and delivering outstanding results.

LEAD Empower: Team Workshop Our two-day session for intact teams led by front-line managers and above who want to achieve higher levels of performance. This program is a voluntary, two-day, hands-on workshop designed to give teams tools to improve their performance, strengthen relationships, and clarify goals, roles, responsibilities, and processes.

LEAD Climb: Stage 1, 2, 3 Our three-session series for current DISH leaders who have the potential to become director-level and above executives at DISH. Provide top-performing senior managers with comprehensive training and networking as they prepare to take on larger roles at DISH. The program is viewed as a prerequisite to senior-level leadership and represents a significant investment by the company.

DISH Meetings
DISH Meetings
DISH Meetings

Tuition Reimbursement

After 90 days of employment, you are eligible to participate in the tuition reimbursement program. DISH will reimburse 75% of eligible expenses, up to $2,000 for hourly employees and $5,000 for salaried employees. Any courses must be completed at an accredited college or university and must be related to your role at DISH.