Our Culture

At DISH, we think big and we think long term. DISH supports active and involved lives with our Resource Collective Groups and DISH Cares. We look for adventurous and curious people and that shows in our culture. No matter where you work at DISH, we’re all working towards one thing: to change the way the world communicates.

We Hire For Three Things

At DISH, we know that skills can be taught but a true fit is so much more than that. We value three things above all else: energy, intelligence, and need to achieve. If you embody these three things and you're ready to work hard, we'd love for you to join us.


A positive attitude and the ability to sustain high levels of enthusiasm and effort.


A high level of objective intelligence, critical thinking, common sense, and curiosity.

Need to Achieve

The desire to always be learning, growing, and challenged; and the passion to help DISH and yourself be successful.

Three thing to Hire

Our Values

We live by our values day in and day out. Our employees thrive best when they embody CPAW. We are extremely proud and thankful for what our DISH employees have accomplished. Together we have led a communications revolution. We pioneered satellite television and, more recently, live streaming video. Our employees can take pride that they have had “more than just a job” — they have shaped an entire industry.

curiosity pride adventure winning winning


We are inquisitive, not afraid to challenge assumptions, and hungry for knowledge.


We are driven to do our personal best in everything we do and expect the same from our teammates.


We are comfortable and thrive in an environment where our path is often unclear, changes frequently, and requires us to challenge ourselves.


We have the drive, work ethic and discipline to always put DISH in a position to win.

Collective Resource Groups

DISH supports the growth and success of all employees on a personal and professional level and seeks to sponsor events that enable them to achieve this goal. COLLECTIVE is a platform for employees to come together, share common interests, and make important connections, both in and out of work.

DISH Cares

DISH Cares is our corporate citizenship program that provides opportunities for our employees to grow while promoting community engagement and development through sustainable business practices. In 2018 alone, our employees volunteered 1,300 hours cleaning up parks. See how we’re working to better serve our people, our community, and our planet.

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