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At DISH, groundbreaking projects come to life through the dedication and expertise of our talented teams. For over four decades, we've been redefining the future of connectivity, challenging industry norms and pioneering technologies that change the way the world communicates. Explore the stories behind our latest ventures and discover how you can be part of our journey to shape tomorrow's landscape.




The Open RAN Center for Integration & Deployment (ORCID) enables participants to test and validate their hardware and software solutions against our Open RAN network. Backed by an unprecedented $50 million grant, we are building the next generation of wireless networks and supporting U.S. leadership in wireless connectivity.


DISH team member: Ravinder Jarral, VP of 5G Wireless Partner Engagement and Delivery

“I witness DISH leading the global O-RAN transformation firsthand — a key principle behind our vision to change the way the world communicates.”


- Ravinder Jarral
VP of 5G Wireless Partner Engagement and Delivery

ORCID is key to improving the Open RAN ecosystem from lab testing to commercial deployment.

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Step into the future of in-room entertainment with EVOLVE M1 – our state-of-the-art Google Certified Android Set-Back-Box (SBB) designed exclusively for hotels. With a keen focus on user experience and cutting-edge hardware, the EVOLVE M1 promises an unparalleled stay for guests, setting a new standard in hospitality entertainment.


DISH team member: Aaron Schwartz, Product Manager of the EVOLVE M1 Google Certified Android Set-Back-Box (SBB) shares about his successful product launch.

“Learning how to improve our current hospitality offering, figuring out how to successfully launch a product for the first time and growing as a professional – DISH has provided that for me.”


- Aaron Schwartz
Product Manager, EVOLVE M1

A New Standard For Guest Entertainment. Try it out during your next stay, and feel the M1 difference yourself.

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Sling Freestream DVR


Born from a vision of empowering users to take control of their viewing experience, the Sling Freestream DVR represents a pivotal step forward in redefining consumer choice within the live-streaming entertainment landscape. By leveraging the existing Sling DVR functionality, Sling TV is offering users a generous 10 hours of storage simply for signing up for a free account.


Sling team member: Jason Jewett, Lead Product Manager of Sling Freestream shares about the benefits of Freestream and why it was created in the first place.

“We believe entertainment should be accessible to all and that people should be in charge of their entertainment. Freestream DVR is just one of the many ways Sling makes good on our core vision, mission, purpose and promise.”


- Jason Jewett
Lead Product Manager, Sling Freestream

Stream the live sports, news, and entertainment you love

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DISH Innovation Day


Innovation Day breaks the mold as it tears down silos, promoting cross-functional collaboration across all levels and all lines of business. The event began in 2022 from team member feedback and is a unique, organization-wide opportunity for our teams to connect and learn from each other. From the DISH Office of Innovation to the DISH Project Management Network, our teams came together to engage, connect and learn from each other.


Innovation Day celebrates the technology trailblazers at DISH. Many of our best and brightest seize the opportunity to show off their work that’s making a difference.

Innovation Happens Here: Join Our Team

Our Chief Technology Officer, Eben Albertyn, shares on how DISH fosters an innovative culture through collaborating across teams, challenging colleagues to think outside the box, and bringing together diverse perspectives.

"DISH ignites innovation by empowering every employee to dream big and take bold risks. We cultivate a culture where creativity thrives, encouraging teams to challenge conventions and pioneer cutting-edge technologies. By fostering a collaborative environment that values diverse perspectives, we empower our employees to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Together, we're shaping the future of technology, one groundbreaking innovation at a time."

- Eben Albertyn
EVP, Chief Technology Officer

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